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Fincher Family Ministry wishes you a very blessed Thanksgiving!

Happy n blessed Thanksgiving my family n friends in the U.S., Israel, Brazil, UK n other countries thank you for following, subscribing, n reading my humble blog!

Thankful to Be Alive!

Happy n blessed Thanksgiving my family n friends in the U.S., Israel, Brazil, UK n other countries thank you for following, subscribing, n reading my humble blog!

Getting a job with a record

If you truly desire to work I know u can find a job even fresh out of prison. It takes hard work, consistency, n a positive can do attitude. Visit Workforce Center for more jobs available in your area. Go to a Temp Agency n Warehouses. Post on your local fb groups for jobs that's your best community info right there.

Limestone County:

Sanderson Farm
Big Creek, Groesbeck
Cargill Foods, Waco

Navarro County:

Sirloin Stockade
Grocery Stores under Brookshire Brothers
Sterilite, Ennis
N-Line Traffic, Corsicana
Kohls Warehouse, Corsicana
Collin street bakery
Navarro college
Russel Stover production warehouse

Jobs & Housing for ExFelonies in Texas

copied from: Searching for a job after being released from prison can take a long time before finding one. However, there are jobs for felons in Amarillo, Houston and other parts of Texas. Since some companies are known to be felon-friendly, former inmates who are not skilled workers should start their search at these companies. A few companies that are willing to hire people who have been in prison are: Baskin-RobbinsBest WesternDomino’s PizzaDunkin DonutsKmartKraft FoodsMotorolaPhillip Morris Co.Sears Admittedly, the majority of these positions are low paying jobs, but many ex-felons have managed to move on to better jobs, especially after going back to school. Do not be surprised if by the time you apply, some of these companies turn you down – the employment policy can change. Jobs for Felons Austin, Texas As America’s 11th largest city it is no surprise that Austin, TX has a vibrant economy that produces thousands of jobs each year. The majority of these job…

Prosperity "False Gospel" Message

Prosperity “False Gospel” Message: We need to have a state of mind that gives out of pure desire and joy in the act of giving knowing it will meet the needs of someone else and that becomes rewarding and fulfilling. If we give our tithe and offering thinking we will receive a double or triple portion from that then your giving is out of a selfish heart and selfish desire for gain yourself this is where all those tv salesman/woman who call themselves teachers, preachers, and evangelist are making the big bucks selling you a ticket to their fame and fortune but giving you nothing but confusion and deceit in return. It's good to tithe your first 10% of earnings to your church or a ministry that you are apart of and even give beyond an offering if you don't make any money you can give with your time or a service, skill, talent not to get a financial reward in return but as a spiritual offering unto the Lord saying thank you God I know you have my best interest, I am committed and d…


Now, Now, Now
I want it now, I just can't wait I've gotta have it right now! Does this sound familiar to you? Maybe reminds you of a child or even yourself? It does remind me of my children but certainly myself as well. We have been wanting to buy a house for maybe 2 years now and to this day we have $0 saved in the bank and our debt is about the same as it was a year ago. I am ashamed to admit that I just haven't tackled the addiction I have with online shopping. I compare it to a drug addiction it gives me a high, it allows me to have what I want very quickly, the consequences are there but not immediately felt, the rush is real but with every high comes the gravity of going down off that high and the negative self-feelings of shame, disappointment, frustration, and the reality being face to face with your new total balance for paypal which in two days I spent $500 maxing out my paypal credit of $2k. Wow! You did what! Dang girl you have some issues.....yeah those reacti…


Be More, Do More, Want More
This is the tug-of-war we face daily: or at least I do. Will I choose to have more or give more? Maybe I choose both...."A person with a changed heart seeks praise from God, not from people." Romans 2:29b Don't say yes to someone just to impress them or so they will like you put God first priority every day. Surrendering our hearts to God takes an action and courage on our parts. Will I choose to die to self today and live for God? Will I surrender all and invite the Holy Spirit to run this ship? Most of the time honestly I don't...I like being in control, being the driver even knowing that I've driven into trouble more than enough....I admit it I'm stubborn it takes me a few times around the desert ok maybe a few hundred times, I'm a hot mess people it's true! We are all selfish by nature, back to the beginning with Adam and Eve and if that doesn't resonate with you take precious children if you have any then you know w…