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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Savings Nerd Alert!

Yes I admit this is a savings nerd post so if you appreciate some good ol' savings on every day items your family uses without hours of clippin' coupons you just might enjoy this post. I just had to go back to my fave local grocery store this week to stock-up on a few groceries we always eat that were too cheap not to buy more. The very best part is I Payed cash, no cc, no bill, no regrets I admit this was out of our budget spending I used my husbands tip cash $21 n $7.44 from our checking acct. For me shopping therapy is a weakness especially when it involves super-savings. So here's my receipt. here's the break down:
64floz 100% Apple juice this particular size is the same price as their 48floz size $1.39 plus .50c in store coupon making them .89c each I bought 5. I bought 4 juice boxes 100% Apple n grape juice for my sons school lunch they're .25c each regular price. 2 2l8tr drinks $1 each, 12 pack ramen noodles $2.28, 2 Greek yogurts the small ones were half price .45c each for my hubbies lunch, 7 cans cat food reg. Priced .35c, del Monte canned sweet peas 60%off at .34c can, Casa fiesta can refried black beans they were b1g1free making them .41c a can. Ronzoni vegetable spaghetti n rotini were on sale $1 each, tortilla chips $1.19 bag reg priced, pace salsa 24floz $1off, $1.68, 36qty red plastic spoons $1, whole wheat bread .85c reg. Price. So that's my super nerdy super savings today! I bought 43items for $28.44 n saved $18.06 from heb brand, on sale n coupon savings.

This can be duplicated at any local grocery store. It is possible to save more $, and do it without using ccs #Dave ramseyprogramrocks!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Meal Plan

From part 1: Grocery Shopping Receipt & List
Part 2: Saving on Grocery Shopping
Part 3: Meal plan

I made 2 soups in my crockpots one was a cabbage with sausage I had already n tomato soup base I also added canned green beans n some broccoli n carrots n potato.

Soup 2 was made with chicken flavor as the base with carrots, broccoli, n leftover chicken.

I made grilled cheese with spinach to eat with the soups.

I made vegetable spaghetti with ground turkey, as spaghetti, sauce, n some of the broccoli n carrots

We had breakfast for dinner with eggs, cheese, spinach, onions, toast n potatos n sausage.
Nachos with tortilla chips, shredded cheese, sour cream, n salsa
For breakfast we have cereal or oatmeal most days we buy donuts 2-3 times a month for a special treat. Occasionally ill make pancakes, muffins, or breakfast tacos with eggs, beans, n cheese. Bacon n breakfast sausage is bought twice a month n we rotate every other week this is usually on the weekend with my husband home for breakfast.
Lunch I make 2-3 meals ahead for my husband from dinner usually. For my 5 yr old I pack his lunch each day for school n rotate between Pnb&j, hotdog on a tortilla w ranch, or deli meat n cheese w mayo n spinach served with slices of fruit n cheese crackers n a .25c juice drink.
For me n my 3 yr old it's whatever we have in the fridge or if he requests something in particular nothing really planned. We snack n eat pretty light. I always keep fruit n fresh veggies on hand, yogurt, chicken nuggets, sandwich stuff, hotdogs, n ramen noodles, n we all take a multivitamin daily.
Okay here are some of the meals I made from this shopping list if u need help creating meals emeals publishes a variety of meals from budget to vegetarian. Great resource if you need some meal ideals. It pays to plan ahead, stick to a shopping list n your budget. Hope this was a helpful 3 part series I would love to hear from you in the comments or answer any questions you may have. Have a blessed day! By His Love & Grace, Kim Fincher

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Saving on Grocery Shopping

Part 1 read first
In my recent shopping trip my biggest money savings was on bread I purchased 5 loaves which go into my deep freezer a very good investment for storing on sale meats, frozen left overs n on sale bread.
I saved a total of $5 on 5 loaves of the above bread original price $1.67 with the $1 off in store coupon I  paid .67c per loaf that's over 50% off.
In the produce section I save by buying what's in season that way I'm p paying the best prices. Mushrooms rotate from $1.67 to .67 I only buy at the lower price, a 1 pd bag of baby carrots has been very cheap at .59c, broccoli for a 1lb bag is .89 cheaper than the bulk broccoli that you bag which usually isn't the case, potatoes were $1.20 for 5lbs they have been cheaper at .89c but I needed potatoes for a soup n that's still really cheap. I also save on fresh herbs instead of canned onions, peppers and cabbage was .42c lb, bananas .48c lb.
Savings on canned soup which I only get the tomato as I make homemade vegetable soup but this was a good deal $1 a can for Progresso tomato soup with a .50c off in store coupon. And I saved on a whole chicken for $3.21 I think it was 5lbs.
Part 3 ill give you my meal plans for that grocery list.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Grocery shopping receipt n list

heres my receipt so you can see my total spent, savings, n how much i paid for things n the coupon i received.
Heres my shopping list n my budget was $60 now if i wouldve had cash i would have had to stick to that n couldve but i didnt n i didnt write the price of each item as i put it in my buggy i tried to keep a total but lost track with my 3 yr old constantly squeeling for stuff n it takes longer.
List: oil free moisturizer, speedstick deodorant, spinach, eggs, onion, salsa, soup, kids drinks, crackers, ground turkey, whole chicken, non dairy milk, donuts.
So i forgot salsa but we atill have a half jar n i bought several items not on the list. This is typically what happens. In the next post ill show you my biggest savings n in part 3 ill share my meal plan for the week.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Fun with Leaves pre-k activity

What you will need:

  1. Several different leaves have fun gathering leaves with your children of different shapes, colors, n sizes outside project 1
  2. Bring them inside n let dry or dry n clean off then get some paper
  3. Draw the leaves on paper and color project 2
  4. Paint leaves and flip over n press down on paper project 3
Have fun on these cool winter days n I'd love to see your pics from this project
We're in east tx where the sun beams out around 12-1 each day still so that's when we like the o have some outside play time and fun.

Creating a Relaxing Bath

My favorite ingredients for a Relaxing hot bath are:

  1. Epsom salt (I prefer the cheap unscented bag)
  2. Bubbles (scented kids bubbles)
  3. Bath essential oils (I use Plant therapies Relax blend it has lavender my fave for relaxing)

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