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Friday, January 8, 2016

Grocery shopping receipt n list

heres my receipt so you can see my total spent, savings, n how much i paid for things n the coupon i received.
Heres my shopping list n my budget was $60 now if i wouldve had cash i would have had to stick to that n couldve but i didnt n i didnt write the price of each item as i put it in my buggy i tried to keep a total but lost track with my 3 yr old constantly squeeling for stuff n it takes longer.
List: oil free moisturizer, speedstick deodorant, spinach, eggs, onion, salsa, soup, kids drinks, crackers, ground turkey, whole chicken, non dairy milk, donuts.
So i forgot salsa but we atill have a half jar n i bought several items not on the list. This is typically what happens. In the next post ill show you my biggest savings n in part 3 ill share my meal plan for the week.

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