Meal Plan

From part 1: Grocery Shopping Receipt & List
Part 2: Saving on Grocery Shopping
Part 3: Meal plan

I made 2 soups in my crockpots one was a cabbage with sausage I had already n tomato soup base I also added canned green beans n some broccoli n carrots n potato.

Soup 2 was made with chicken flavor as the base with carrots, broccoli, n leftover chicken.

I made grilled cheese with spinach to eat with the soups.

I made vegetable spaghetti with ground turkey, as spaghetti, sauce, n some of the broccoli n carrots

We had breakfast for dinner with eggs, cheese, spinach, onions, toast n potatos n sausage.
Nachos with tortilla chips, shredded cheese, sour cream, n salsa
For breakfast we have cereal or oatmeal most days we buy donuts 2-3 times a month for a special treat. Occasionally ill make pancakes, muffins, or breakfast tacos with eggs, beans, n cheese. Bacon n breakfast sausage is bought twice a month n we rotate every other week this is usually on the weekend with my husband home for breakfast.
Lunch I make 2-3 meals ahead for my husband from dinner usually. For my 5 yr old I pack his lunch each day for school n rotate between Pnb&j, hotdog on a tortilla w ranch, or deli meat n cheese w mayo n spinach served with slices of fruit n cheese crackers n a .25c juice drink.
For me n my 3 yr old it's whatever we have in the fridge or if he requests something in particular nothing really planned. We snack n eat pretty light. I always keep fruit n fresh veggies on hand, yogurt, chicken nuggets, sandwich stuff, hotdogs, n ramen noodles, n we all take a multivitamin daily.
Okay here are some of the meals I made from this shopping list if u need help creating meals emeals publishes a variety of meals from budget to vegetarian. Great resource if you need some meal ideals. It pays to plan ahead, stick to a shopping list n your budget. Hope this was a helpful 3 part series I would love to hear from you in the comments or answer any questions you may have. Have a blessed day! By His Love & Grace, Kim Fincher


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