Saving on Grocery Shopping

Part 1 read first
In my recent shopping trip my biggest money savings was on bread I purchased 5 loaves which go into my deep freezer a very good investment for storing on sale meats, frozen left overs n on sale bread.
I saved a total of $5 on 5 loaves of the above bread original price $1.67 with the $1 off in store coupon I  paid .67c per loaf that's over 50% off.
In the produce section I save by buying what's in season that way I'm p paying the best prices. Mushrooms rotate from $1.67 to .67 I only buy at the lower price, a 1 pd bag of baby carrots has been very cheap at .59c, broccoli for a 1lb bag is .89 cheaper than the bulk broccoli that you bag which usually isn't the case, potatoes were $1.20 for 5lbs they have been cheaper at .89c but I needed potatoes for a soup n that's still really cheap. I also save on fresh herbs instead of canned onions, peppers and cabbage was .42c lb, bananas .48c lb.
Savings on canned soup which I only get the tomato as I make homemade vegetable soup but this was a good deal $1 a can for Progresso tomato soup with a .50c off in store coupon. And I saved on a whole chicken for $3.21 I think it was 5lbs.
Part 3 ill give you my meal plans for that grocery list.


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