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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Savings Nerd Alert!

Yes I admit this is a savings nerd post so if you appreciate some good ol' savings on every day items your family uses without hours of clippin' coupons you just might enjoy this post. I just had to go back to my fave local grocery store this week to stock-up on a few groceries we always eat that were too cheap not to buy more. The very best part is I Payed cash, no cc, no bill, no regrets I admit this was out of our budget spending I used my husbands tip cash $21 n $7.44 from our checking acct. For me shopping therapy is a weakness especially when it involves super-savings. So here's my receipt. here's the break down:
64floz 100% Apple juice this particular size is the same price as their 48floz size $1.39 plus .50c in store coupon making them .89c each I bought 5. I bought 4 juice boxes 100% Apple n grape juice for my sons school lunch they're .25c each regular price. 2 2l8tr drinks $1 each, 12 pack ramen noodles $2.28, 2 Greek yogurts the small ones were half price .45c each for my hubbies lunch, 7 cans cat food reg. Priced .35c, del Monte canned sweet peas 60%off at .34c can, Casa fiesta can refried black beans they were b1g1free making them .41c a can. Ronzoni vegetable spaghetti n rotini were on sale $1 each, tortilla chips $1.19 bag reg priced, pace salsa 24floz $1off, $1.68, 36qty red plastic spoons $1, whole wheat bread .85c reg. Price. So that's my super nerdy super savings today! I bought 43items for $28.44 n saved $18.06 from heb brand, on sale n coupon savings.

This can be duplicated at any local grocery store. It is possible to save more $, and do it without using ccs #Dave ramseyprogramrocks!
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