CHALLENGE: do the strip test on your homemade laundry soap n post ur results!

Debt-Free in 1 Year : Homemade Liquid Laundry Soap-NEW Update!:

Does this recipe or others really clean your laundry or not? Im going to answer this qiestion by doing a laundry strip test and post the results here, try the challenge with me!

I found several posts with recipes basically the same on stripping or refreshing towels you can do a search to find those basically you use 1 cup of distilled white vinegar to a load of towels in hot water nothing else added n then you wash a 2 nd time in hot water with only baking soda dry without using any fabric softener.

How i tested my clean clothes was i filled a big gallon or 2 container with hot water n added 1/2 cup baking soda n borax n 1/4 cup white distilled vinegar. Heres some pics: i actually wasnt following my laudry recipe. i started using 2-4 tbsp instead of 2-4 scoops which is a 3/4 cup n yes my clothes were still dirty so back to the correct qty of soap n im going to do another test. Stay tuned!
after my first strip test 

the clean clothes i used
the measure i'd been using was too small wrong measurement not enough of my recipe of laundry soap!

distilled white vinegar i use as a fabric softener
and alternative to bleach

I did another test and will post pics after i used the correct amount of my laundry soap and the water was still dirty so i decided that I will buy a cheap brand of laundry soap and add a 1/2 scoop with my homemade laundry soap and for a great group resource and to see why you shouldn't use homemade laundry soap join this great group. LaundryLoveandScience I personally am not so easily persuaded but still love the group as it's all about cleaning. Hope this help you make the best decision on cleaning and saving for your family.

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