Year Round Savings Plan

How to Save Year Round on Your Favorite Foods:

Know Your Options-price comparison
I love rasberries but they're not in season right now for fresh rasberries they sale for 4-5xs as when they're in season but i do have options i could go to the freezer section and find a wide variety of my favorite fruits frozen which would be great for smoothies. Or you can get canned fruits that are not in season right now like pineapple a 16oz can is .99c and mandarins .50c for an 8oz can.

Also for vegetables you have to consider your options and compare prices. Fresh might not always be the best option if it's double the price as when in season. For brocolli we can get a big bunch for .89c right now and you can also get about the same amount already prepared frozen some might get the frozen to save on time of preparing i know i love to find shortcuts to cooking having a toddler under foot full time still. Also for corn, okra, green beans, peas n carrots you might find a better deal in the freezer or canned. i recently found sweet peas for .33c a can what a deal! Also they've been having big cans of sweet potato yams for .89c for a while we don't really eat those very often or i'd be stocked up. We have been grabbing a great deal on canned raviollis which i personally love for .89c a 28oz can.

Keep your eyes on the look out for discounts n clearance priced items that you can stock up on when it's something your family regularly eats at regular price if it's not something you already buy get 1 but don't buy a whole bunch as that's extra spending not saving.

fresh, frozen, canned
pineapples, berries, grapes, oranges, bananas (frozen)

fresh, frozen, canned
green beans, brocolli, carrots, corn, okra, beans

Other items it's good to know your stores cycles for stocking up:
bread, meats, cheese, snacks, cereal, juice, dairy, pastas, baked goods, seasonal items

What's your favorite way to stock up your pantry and save extra $ from your grocery bill?


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