Cut Your Health and Beauty Budget in Half!

Tip 1: Switch brands- do Not be brand loyal
 a. Don't be afraid to try a dollar store or generic store brand of the same product
     1. toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo, bodywash, soap, hand soap
         examples of savings: name-brand mouthwash; $4.99, generic: $2.99 50%
           n.b. toothpaste: $3.99, generic: $1-75%
           n.b. shampoo-$4.99, less expensive brands $2.99
           n.b.bodywash- $5.99-store brand $3.99
Tip 2: Buy the bigger bottles of the generic store brand and match with a coupon when available (in-store coupons are available if you have an heb on their generic and store brand items)
always check the labels for cost per floz to see how much you can save this way sometimes it's cheaper to buy the smaller so always check and compare.

Tip 3: When possible buy one product for your whole family such as shampoo and body wash this alone will save a big chunk of change if you're only buying one of each items instead of 3-5 and buy the bigger one so it lasts longer and sometimes save you a few cents per oz too.

Tip 4: Stop wearing makeup- I know some are thinking how extreme but really in the long run this will save you not only a lot of money but a lot of years too and it's a challenge to see you're beauty without face cream and mascara. Not to brag but i've stopped wearing all makeup for at least a year and it helps to not stare in the mirror all the time and knitpick your flaws, lol.

Tip 5: Look up all the ways you can use Baking Soda and Vinegar I use to whiten my teeth and clean my face once or twice a month and use in the toilet and sink and bathtub to clean and vinegar you put in a spray bottle to clean the floor and walls and toilet.


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