Being Debt Free is Possible and it's pleasing to God!

Do not be a slave to the lender!
 A borrower is slave to the lender.
Credit Card, Student Loan, medical debt these all can cause us grief,
money is the #1 cause of arguments leading to divorce in marriages.
Let's put God back as priority #1 and slay the debt devil with the full armor of God!

Most will laugh at you, mock you and tell you that's impossible! Let them. I know that all things are possible with Christ as the Head of my house guiding and leading my husband and my finances. The key is contentment and living below your means. Christ is my strength! Philippians 4:13

My husband finally joined me in this debt-free journey December 2015 he took a 2nd job we saved our emergency fund which is following the Dave Ramsey Program Baby Steps you can learn for free on youtube.
We then got a fat income tax refund and used that to pay off our bank loan of $2800 bucks and a couple of other cc debts. We had to use $500 of our e.f. to pay for tires n a new battery for my car. We refilled the e.f. and eventually I convinced Joseph to quit his d.r. job because I was not content is what it boils down to and lost focus. This was after I decided to take a pt job working for dominoes as a delivery driver the same job my husband took. So, he put in his 2 weeks notice and i was going to work his shifts that lasted for a month until I quit due to a coworker i couldn't get along with him telling me what to do being ocd and im pretty sure he was too. That was difficult to feel like I let down my husband and myself as I've always quit jobs but I did stick with this one longer than i wanted to. We didn't make much progress in the debt-free area in fact I decided without consulting my husband to use our e.f. to pay off a debt. After that we couldn't save anything my car needed more work $1k worth actually and $800 of it we agreed to pay for with a cc check that would be 0% for 12 months. Afterwards i felt so guilty and knew that was the wrong choice. 
A couple weeks ago April 15th I think it was Joseph and me decided after he had been looking for a ft replacement job with nothing close to his current pay that he would work at dominoes again pt. 
He's earned $150 so far and we will be living on less than his ft paycheck of $400 a week giving us an extra $100-$150 on average to put towards saving our e.f. b.s.1 and then paying off debt b.s.2.
So we will have about $1600 a month to go towards the baby steps.
Our goal is to have our emergency fund of $1k to be funded in 2 weeks, we have: $115 now and by the end of the week will have about $50-$75 more from his paycheck. 
Our Total Debt: $26k
Start Baby Step 2: May 9th
Complete BS2-Debt Free:  May 2017 or 12 months.

We are going to celebrate after we complete BS1 with an XL Dominoes pizza 1/2 off! 
and each step debt we pay off or maybe every month we will celebrate our progress
with a special memory that will bring us closer together as a family and we will
be enjoying our hard work and progress towards freedom from debt!

Stay Focused! Stay Encouraged! 


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