How Can I save more money?

Think you are all out of ideas and still want to save more money on grocery shopping?

  1. Beans and Rice anyone? Yes this is what we're going to be eating to stretch our weekly budget and food.
  2. Homemade everything: muffins, cookies, pizza, yogurt
  3. only super cheap chicken (chicken fryers .50clb) no beef, turkey, or fish or other meats. accept for hotdogs and bologna for school lunches.
  4. cut the junk food and eating out, no date nights, haircuts, etc, cheese accept the cheapest real sliced cheese and once a month shredded cheese.
  5. live below your means now so you can get out of debt and have more to live with and give with.
  6. Be Free! Be content with less and pray for those in 3rd world countries who wish they had what you had that will give you a change of mind and heart.
  7. Some cheap foods are: potatoes, in season fruits, vegies, can peas, corn, green beans, some frozen fruit n vegies, rice n beans in the bulk, flour (homemade), homemade salsa ingredients, oatmeal, ramen noodles, whole grain pastas n noodles n vegie (more filling too).

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Kim Fincher


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