Temptation to Sin-God's Punishment, God's Love

Genesis 3

Please read all of Genesis 3 Chapter before viewing this study.

this commentary is for vs. 17-19 from the NLT Study Bible God highlighted his original command not to eat the fruit by speaking of eating several times in these verses. The judgement affected humanity's ability to get food, and it was proportionate to their offense of eating what had been prohibited. The relationship of the man to the ground was now antagonistic as judgement fell on his primary role. He must labor and toil to work the ground, but with diminished productivity. Human sin has broad effects on creation (see 4:12, 6:7, Lev. 26, Deut 11:13-17, 28, Rom 8:22)
vs. 21 God mercifully provided more substantial clothing for Adam & Eve before expelling them into the harsh environment outside the garden. Mercifully God prevented humankind from eating of the tree of life and having to live forever in a fallen state. Through Jesus Christ, however, eternal life is once again made available. (see Rev 2:7, 22:2,14,19)
vs 23: Before the fall, the garden was a sanctuary in which humans could move freely in God's holy presence. Now their sin required expulsion from that environment. This same principle was behind the laws that restricted an Israelite's access to God's presence in the Tabernacle or temple (Lev 16:1-2, Num 5:3)
vs. 24 In Genesis, movement eastward often implies leaving the presence or blessing of God, whether in judgement, or estrangement.

 Revelation 2:7 commentary- The reward for obedience is fruit from the tree of life-that is eternal life.
Revelation 22:2, 14, 19 commentary- vs.2 Although humans were denied access to the tree of life after they sinned it is now freely available. The tree on each side of the river shows that there is no wrong side of the river in heaven. The tree produces twelve crops each month, demonstrating God's constant provision. 
vs. 14 In response to the connection between actions and ultimate results, the seventh blessing of Revelation promises acceptance for those who wash their robes-those who have been purified by trusting in Christ and following him faithfully. (Read all of Revelation for a deeper understanding)
vs. 19 Since the time of the early church, the scope and the content of the NT has been established as the measure of the Christian proclamation (see After the Apostles pg 221 from the NLT study bible)

If you would like to further your understanding of these passages heres a link to the Study Bible i use and has been very helpful for me to understand the Word of God from the Holy Bible:
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