10 Steps to Simplify Your Life

Keep It Simple Sisters!

1. Put God First! Family (spouse/children) 2nd, others in order of priority 3rd. This will help you stay on track and not get bogged down or loose focus.

2. Prioritize! that means you will need to say NO! a great tool to use is the calendar on your cell some have an option to write a note and set an alarm this is very helpful or you can use a cheap pocket calendar. Write down your commitments and make time for you to just do nothing too.

3. Live in a healthy environment. Don't go back to your old neighborhood or friends this is the #1 way to get off track and end up back in prison and usually over a lover. Stay away from that mess if you're serious about completing parole and staying out of prison.

4. Make new friends with people who can offer you good advice, wise counsel who are responsible and doing good. have a few accountability partners so you can make healthy choices. and cut the cord with those toxic friends and people who just want to get you in trouble and will bring you down and away from God's plans for you which includes those who drink, use drugs, party use profanity don't believe in God and don't work for a living. 

5. Get a legitimate job and make an income so you can take care of yourself. This will provide satisfaction like no other to use your God given hands and feet to work. Don't be picky either you've got to take what you can get. Go to the workforce center they will help you and have great resources for getting a job.

6. Respect and honor your parole officer. that person should be #1 after God on your list of relationships. Do exactly what they say and this will guarantee you stay of prison and stay free it's that simple friends!

7. Go to church-find a bible based church to worship, praise, and be fed the word of God don't work on sundays and wednesdays always leave that open for bible study and you will be blessed with that Word you are getting fed, go to each event and fellowship, yes it will be awkward and the church isn't filled with perfect people so dont look for one that is it's filled with undeserving sinners if you want to find a sound bible based church go to carm.org and look for how to find a church. make new friends who will accept you for where you are at it makes all the difference.

8. Learn how to budget and handle your finances the best resource i've found for that is dave ramsey he has a radio show, you tube videos, books and dvds i'd suggest going to his youtube channel. do this before you get your first paycheck it will be such a huge blessing.

9. simplify your life by avoiding clutter and only buying what is useful and a need, and feeding your body healthy good foods and using natural remedies that God's provided us.

10. Serve God the first and the last be a lite in the world and share your testimony, faith and use your spiritual gifts to bless and serve others. write a prisoner to encourage them, donate your time locally, be a generous giver. Keep it simple sister. KISS we are Living in the end-times be a LITE!

for futher questions please connect with me on fb: https://www.facebook.com/josephandkim.fincher


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