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I'm sure many of you are familiar with the Kon Mari Method to decluttering if not a big part of her method involves evaluating each item you own and only keep those things which spark joy, bring you joy. I've been wanting to declutter again and was thinking about this and it hit me a big flaw with this belief as a Christian and I asked myself, "Should stuff bring me joy?" and to answer that question I looked up joy in my NLT study bibles concordance and came to this post on Christian Joy it's on page 2017 and in Philippians 3:1, 4:4

Heres what it says: In this letter to a persecuted church, Paul urges Christians to be filled with joy just as he does the persectued Thessalonian believers ("always be joyful," 1 Thess. 5:16). In the last hours of his life, Jesus also desired that his disciples "be filled with (his) joy" (see John 15:11, 16:24)
Superficial happiness is dependant on circumstances. Christian joy is clearly different; it is rooted in a person's relationship with the Lord, and it is resilient even in the midst of suffering and death. Joy comes in knowing that whatever happens, God will use everything for our ultimate good (see Romans 5:3-4; 8:28). Believers also have joy from the dynamic presence of God's Spirit in their hearts (see Gal. 5:22). The real secret to a joyful life is in being continuously filled with the Holy Spirit (Eph 5:18) The life and attitude of believers are not defined by outward circumstances (or appearances) but by the relationship with the living God.

So in other words we should not be feeling joy from makeup, perfume, clothes, jewelry, shoes, tvs, cell phones, games, facebook, google, pinterest, food, cars, etc. These thing might make us feel happy for a moment but thats very temporary and we shouldn't rely on those things for our happiness and they cannot as a Christian bring us joy so if your are a follower of Christ I'd be bold to say you cannot follow the Kon Mari method and if you can then I'd be seriously questioning your hearts desires.

How do you experience joy? What are some ways you find yourself too happy with stuff? How will you make changes to get your desires and heart back with putting God first this week?

For me personally I see where I rely too much on my circumstances for happiness for example if my house is clean i feel happy but i should be able to turn to God even with a messy home and find his joy and peace so I'm going to work on that and remembering who I serve His plans are so much better than mine.

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