Training Your Children Proverbs 22:6

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Like many I'm not able for various reasons to homeschool our children or afford a private christian education so we are training them how to be apart of the public school system (world) and teaching them our beliefs and moral values and the difference so that they can be a light in their schools and not be tempted by what their friends are doing but embrace being a christian and showing the love of Christ to their peers at school or wherever they are. Some ways we teach them our values and beliefs when they are not at school (are youngest is still at home), 
1. we cut out non-christian tv programs (netflix) and opted for christian entertainment tv only: Dove and Pureflixand we explained to them why we did this as we don't want them watching about magic and luck as this isn't our beliefs or values and the violence.
2. when a holiday is celebrated and we partake we teach them what are values and beliefs are and are not and explain the differences: christmas, easter, halloween, valentines day
3. we pray before each meal and as much as possible as a family making giving thanks to God an important theme in our home we remind our children how much we have and tell them how it is in 3rd world countries so they understand the value of all we have and giving thanks to God.
4. They see us pray and read in our bibles and we set aside time to study the word together at their age they usually play but eventually we will hope they will be interested too.
5. we read to them bible stories, take them to awana on wed and they have sunday school being involved in our local church family is so important even if it's only 2 days a week we know this is helping instill in them our values and beliefs as christians.
6. we are teaching them the value and importance of prayer and that they can pray anytime that God will hear the prayers of their hearts and we are getting them ready to be saved by teaching them what it means to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.
7. We remind them how much we love them and that God made them special and unique in His image and has a special purpose and plans for their lives.
Take the time to train up your children in the way they should go as is pleasing to the Lord and His promise that they will not depart will happen and will not return void.


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