You Dont Have to Wear Your Sundays Best for Jesus-Come as You Are!

Jesus doesnt require us to get all "prettied" up or dressed up in our "sundays best." That's just not in the bible at all and it's not required. It's a traditional cultural norm but it's not necessary to be a Christian and it's certainly not needed. Their's a big misconception by woman today and I'm talking about woman of God to think they need to wear makeup, jewelry and name-brand or certain clothing. This is the pressure of the world getting into the church. I tested that spirit of wearing makeup to feel pretty and you know what I found it unnecessary. I don't need to feel pretty, look pretty or describe myself as pretty to live for God, serve God, be a Woman of God, or  a Woman for that matter. I am beautiful a God created and made me with all my bumps, marks, and scars and I don't need to cover them up to leave my home, if you do than thats a shame and too bad-think of all the time and money you are spending on covering up your face=I dont care why you think you need makeup it's not a fact and it's a wordly, unbiblical, opinion.

This post is not to boast in myself or to bash you it's a challenge more or less and hopefully an encouragement for you to seek God's opinion and value of who you are and who He designed and made you to be.

I use to dress up for church and think that's what I needed or wanted to do but as a stay at home mom my clothes would be stained or I began to enjoy the casual clothing and felt awkward in sunday best clothes. My husband is the one who helped me see it's not necessary or required by God, he doesnt need us to dress up for Him, he sees our hearts and in the Bible it says that the least of these will be the greatest and the greatest will be the least so I pray to keep being the least on earth so I can experience God's greatest in Heaven.

God bless you Family,
In Christ's Love and Hope,

Kim Fincher
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