Disability doesnt mean Dead!

I've come to the realization that I have some mental disabilities which keep me from doing things that most people can do like going and getting a job. My husband encouraged me to apply for disability that made me angry and I later wondered on it and realized I had a judgment that disabled meant quitting like you're dead. Not true!

Between my husband great love for me exactly as I am and my Lord's love and encouragement for me I realized it's time to embrace that I'm mentally disabled and that doesn't mean I am any less wonderful and beautifully made in God's image it means that this is who I am and who I can relate to and prayerfully encourage with God's love, word and truth.

It's been freeing to accept this about myself so now I can look at the hope and possibilities not the road blocks and hopelessness of what I can't do that you or someone else maybe able to do with no problem. I have gifts and skills too they are just as valuable and useful and so do you friend!

Embrace your whole self and allow God to use you for His Kingdom and His Glory! amen

Love you in the Lord,

Kim Fincher


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