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Failed! 2 Weeks No Spend Challenge

If your joining me you can do it for a shorter or longer period of time depending on your personal goals and needs. My goal is to pay our mortgage on time with the money that I do not spend. As of today our mortgage payment for October due on the first is 24 days behind. Last week I spent $180 between Aldis and Heb and decided I needed to make a change and to stop over spending.
This is day 3 of the challenge.
Day 1: I stayed home and busy
Day 2: I stopped looking at my heb digital app coupons
Day 3: I turned off the notifications for my young living oils group event which were having a sale on oils.
Day 4:  see my post on facebook I didnt spend any $ at walmart!
Day 5: spent a few bucks on boys clearance toys at Dollar general
Day 6: I'm an emotional spender it's an ongoing battle but the items bought were needs pants for my oldest son n both boys needed more shoes, I didn't need boots but they were just $10 n I did need pants n they were just $18 although I shouldn't…