4 Meals with 5 pounds ground beef for under $20

I'm using a 5lb chub of ground beef I bought at Aldi's for $9.99. If you don't have an Aldi's and live in Texas Heb has ground turkey for $1.75lb or $1lb on sale. I usually don't buy ground beef because ground turkey is cheaper and I just started shopping at Aldi's again because they accept snap which we receive. Your price might be more depending on where you live but ground turkey works great if seasoned just right. For this post I made 4 meals using my 5 lbs of ground beef.
Crock-Pot Meatloaf
BBQ Bacon Cheese Burgers
Sloppy Joe Spaghetti

I didn't use recipes for these meals. I added about 1.5 of the ground beef to Crock-Pot and mixed with worschire sauce, Dijon mustard, ketchup, soy sauce, garlic powder n seasoning salt. I also added ketchup, Dijon mustard n worchesire mixture on too n cooked on high for 4 hours. That will be served with mashed potatoes n green beans. Any cheap can or in season veggies would work.
The tacos were 1 lb ground beef n taco seasoning served with hard or soft taco shells and your choice of toppings ours will be sourcream, salsa and spinach.
BBQ Bacon Cheeseburgers I mixed hickory BBQ sauce n worceshire with 1.5lbs meat and let soak for 2 hours and then cooked the bacon n added cheese.
The spaghetti is made with my favorite garden vegetable spaghetti noodles, a can of sloppy joe sauce n spaghetti sauce with 1 lb ground beef my boys prefer this to traditional spaghetti.
So there you have it 4 meals from a $10 chub of ground beef. I had everything else on hand but if I had to buy everything it would cost just for food n not seasonings $3 for bacon, $1 for spaghetti, $1 for spaghetti sauce n sloppy joe sauce, $1.35 for taco shells n seasoning, .50c sourcream, $1 salsa, $.75 buns, potatoes I bought 3 lbs for .79c. so that's about $10 so total is $20 n I'm not using the whole package of bacon just about half package so that takes $1.50 off so that makes everything about $18.50 for 4 hearty family meals or $4.62 per meal.
What are some of your fave meals and if you just had $20 for one weeks meals what would you make?
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