Shopping with SNAP

My family receives snap which is commonly known as food stamps. This post is to inform you of places you might not know accepts snap.

1. Dollar Tree
2. Dollar General
3. Braums deli dept
4. Aldis

When I shop with snap at Dollar tree many things there are not cost effective or they are actually more expensive than at a bigger grocery store. Most of their frozen items you might only be spending $1 but if you look at the size and portion you are actually paying more for less. I do buy their bigger packs of frozen popsicles, their bread, and snack foods.

Dollar general has a variety of products that are comparative in price and size to grocery stores in their store brand. I often buy their can goods 2/$1, snacks, sodas, chips, milk, etc. A great choice for 10 items or less. I wouldn't recommend for more as their not made for big shopping trips.

Braums is known for their ice cream which is my personal favorite because they have a sugar free line in their deli dept, but you can also find $1 bread, cans of mixed nuts, frozen lasagnas, milk, eggs, n 2 liter drinks. I like buying their ice cream when it's 2/ $6 regular price is $3.79 they had Lays in sale recently for $1.99 bag n milk 2/$4.

These three stores are great for a quick trip when you're in a hurry and just need a few items.

Aldi's is a great full service grocery store which offers competitive deals on meat and produce and has tons of great snack foods too. I just found out our Aldi's now accepts snap and I've enjoyed shopping there for their weekly produce and meat deals. They also have half price meat deals!

I suggest having a price list so you know where to go for the best prices on all your grocery shopping needs.

God bless and thrifty shopping!


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