How to double your food and your blessings!

1. Plan ahead. If your not without now, plan ahead for the future. Put aside at least $20 a week for stocking up your pantry, freezer, and personal care needs: such as toothpaste, toilet paper, deodorant, and hair care. ( How to do this for close to nothing! Coming soon! See more on Facebook: Kim Fincher)
2. Use what you have now. Make a meal plan. Look above, below, and dig deep in your pantry and kitchen. Use it all up!
3. Only buy ingredients that will stretch your meals of what you have and are necessary. You can make biscuits n gravy from flour! Buy the very cheapest essentials.
4. Meal plan to stay focused, encouraged, and organized. Often when were feeling stressed we can't think straight. This will help and you'll be amazed at how much you actually have when you use what you have!
5. Change your thinking from stinking to blessing! So very important make a thank you Lord list everyday count your blessings and you will feel rich even when struggling financially and if you learn how to coupon you can even have enough to be a blessing!
6. Find peace and contentment right where you are! Read your Bible it's all in there the secrets to life. In Ecclesiastes the wisest man says it clearly be content with where you're at, your lot in life, eat, drink, and be merry. King Soloman what rich advice! Cooking from scratch is almost always going to be your cheapest option.
7. Get creative! Use this time to learn how to be thrifty, how to cook homemade more, and just how to live with less. Cut back to just the basics on all bills. Search for cheaper option for electricity and car insurance, cell service, etc. Cut the cable and use Netflix and Roku instead. Here's a few ways I've survived!
  1. Make homemade laundry soap
  2. Homemade pizza, salsa, muffins
  3. Double batch cooking n freeze meals
  4. Homemade all purpose cleaners
  5. Replaced ground beef with turkey
  6. Stock up on clearance deals like half price meats and clearance bakery
  7. Boneless meats are actually cheaper!

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