Overcoming the Struggles as a Truckers Wife


My Husband Travels for Work

I've listed five struggles and the solutions with my husband travelling for his job being gone one to two months.

  1. Lack of his presence and physical companionship. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12                  solution: obviously the ultimate solution and dare I say biblical one would be him home. So this is how Ive learned to manage: we talk daily, video chat, share are feelings and emotions more, a lot more communication which is another struggle for my husband I'll cover that next week.
  2.   No relief in the evenings when Daddy's home to help me. No weekend help or alone time. Solution: Schedule change to fit in me time. I'll stay up after my children are asleep or I will get up before they are awake and that's my time. Accept my present condition and find contentment. Ecclesiastes 5:18-20
  3.  Dealing with everything at home alone I've watched YouTube how to videos and called service people when needed to help me. Having a list of repair services is a great solution.
  4. Going everywhere with all my children church, store, family get togethers. My first solution was don't go this isn't the healthy solution. I stopped going to church out of fear for almost a year and my children and myself suffered. Now what I do is plsn for tomorrow. I lay out everything the night before and I prepare my children by reminding them of the rules and the punishment for breaking those rules and I offer rewards for good behavior. At the store I have a list for weekly filler items and I do a monthly shopping trip online where I just pick up the items. This has been a life saver. Family gatherings I limit the time there to a couple hours to prevent stressful misbehaviors and exhaustion.  
  5. Inconsistent paychecks being paid per mile and per load instead of a salary or hourly wage has been a big pain. What I'm doing is stocking up with our tax refund on everything for a year and paying all our bills one to two months ahead. I'll be writing .ore about how to stockpile on a future post.
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