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How to Make Cheap Natural Products Intro 2020

Homemade Healthy Home Greetings Friends! This year I will be actively Vlogging how to make cheap natural products! I was inspired after researching several mlm companies that offered financial freedom and healthy products. I came to the conclusion: for the time and cost involved, why not just learn how to make my own products. So that's what we're going to do here at Words of Encouragement this new year 2020!
We are going to make our own cheap and natural products and heres a list: Cleaners 1. Dish soap  2. Laundry soap-powder 3. All purpose cleaning spray Bathroom 1.toothpaste 2.mouthwash 3.shampoo  4. Body wash 5. Lotion 6. Face cleaner Home 1. Scented wax air freshener cubes
This is what I have so far in my recipes but their will be more to come! If you have any special requests of natural products you'd like me to make feel free to comment below. What are your favorite homemade products?
I'll also share the why and benefits to making your own products. First of al…