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These are the natural remedies that I personally use and the companies I purchase them from. I am not an affiliate of any of these and will not make any money on your purchases. I believe in Natural health that is not filled with harmful chemicals and side-effects. I will list all the products i have or my family have taken below and a link to the companies that sale them for you.
My favorite form of natural remedies is homeopathy this is a blend of something that could cause you harm like an allergen in a very small dose dilluted to build your bodies defense system so you gradually get better with no harmful side-effects and i always use the ones that are made with filtered water. I also enjoy several different herbal plant remedies which I will list below. I am not against using prescription medications for brief use only but am against my body depending on those medications. if you want to know more of my personal experience with prescribed medications and why i said no to them please visit this link to my other website:

I take these daily: for OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) (mental, physical, environmental stress, tension, body pains, nervousness)  

And these as Needed:  (for depression, mood swings,irritability) mostly daily (fatigue, exhaustion, headache)
have taken: for calming mood swings ( i love to put a few drops in my bath and put in a small glass dropper diluted in coconut oil to dab on my wrists n inhale on the go) I also love their synergy blends tension relief, tranquil these three stay in my bathroom i just open n inhale as needed. i also have several other of their blends three i put in a essential oil diffuser for my son who has asthma triggered by allergies; respir-aid, germ-aid, n immune aid i also have respir-aid in a roll on to put on his chest n mine when i had tonsilitis recently and immune aid to rub on his back or any of us when were sick. great company n products. they also have single products two i add to my washer n homemade laundry soap when selling for a boost of natural fragrance; lavendar and lemon essential oils n clarity i put in the washer or put a few drops on the fabric softener for a nice smell.

I also use an essential oil diffusers for putting my essential oils in primarily thieves, immunity, respir-aid this is the diffuser i use 
i buy my oils from

for my son who has asthma n allergies we just put him on these daily: for asthma for allergies

heres a resource page if you have Asthma and Allergies.

my husband takes: which is for add/adhd
and he's taken: Neuro Focus
and is also just started taking: Focus Factor again for memory and mental health this one can replace a multi-vitamin it says.

we also use natural herbal supplements such as cinnamon and turmeric i take for tummy ache n digestion, circulation and open up n add to oatmeal for my sons as needed. in addition my whole family takes a daily multivitamin.

hope these resources will help you see what's available out there beyond pharmaceutical drugs and medications that you can by otc with no prescriptions, no side-effects and no dr. office.

i don't recommend replacing your medications cold-turkey work with your doctor or don't start the prescribed medications and just go with these that's what i did and what works for me personally.


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